• What is Constant Yogi?

    Constant Yogi is a way of living that cultivates self-awareness, presence, and the ability to participate fully in life. There are no gimmicks or shortcuts. There is no set structure of practice until we find what works specifically for you. We pull wisdom from everywhere. Mostly, humans don’t “change.” But we can evolve. This is how. For more info, read the Testimonials/FAQ below...


    Isabella G.

    The whole practice of being a Constant Yogi is deeply empowering; it required me to explore depths of myself that once terrified me. Justin met me there with a profoundly compassionate yet bullshit-free commitment to my evolution, holding the space for equally deep transformation. The practical tools and wisdom I gained allowed me to rediscover strength in seriously trying times and catalyzed some of my greatest breakthroughs. My Constant Yogi experience was invaluable, and I'd recommend it to anyone - especially if you’re looking to dive deeper into your healing or simply expand your capacity for presence, love, and joy! Thank you, Justin!

    Qi Gong Healer & Apprentice of Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Adam K.

    The only way to describe working with Justin and becoming a Constant Yogi is transformational. At the same time, you are both changing dramatically and becoming more yourself. I am frequently amazed at how layered the learnings and wisdom are - what you feel you understand you will begin to understand more deeply and from different angles the further on your journey you go. I have also found that the work itself generates an increased appetite for more exploration and more focus inward. The more you learn the more excited you are to keep going. My work with Justin also feels 100% personal and authentic to me and my experiences. Each week we dive deeply into my life and experiences and each conversation helps me to understand them better and make connections and insights that I can take forward.

    Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures - Director

    Stephany S.

    I can only describe the work we do in Constant Yogi as crossing into the great unknown. In our meetings, Justin is unafraid and comfortable in the unknown. My Constant Yogi meetings are my guideposts on my journey. When I started Constant Yogi, I was unconsciously working really hard at severing myself. My journey’s work entails deconstructing all the many mechanisms that I’ve built to keep my authentic self away. Justin is the perfect guide on this journey because he authentically allows everything to move through him. This is part of his unmatched courage. I trust him because he doesn’t reject the shadows. He knows them as a path to the light. He’s a talented speaker but often he doesn’t have to say a word. Without ever once telling me what to do, his energy guides. In Constant Yogi he will embrace you in the space and together your energies will alchemize. This alchemy will be the seeds of the evolution of you, and then the work will really begin.

    Crisis Clinic - Care Navigator

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does the practice work?

    Where in life do your objective reality (the world as it is around you) and your personal experience of that reality not agree? Wherever that is, your personality has formed defense mechanisms (usually from childhood, always for very valid reasons) that are no longer useful. That’s where we start. 2 keys: (A) Those defense mechanisms are meant to protect us. (B) They are often tied to other personality traits that like about ourselves. So: It doesn’t work to willfully try and suppress those defense responses. What does work is to find better ways to protect ourselves when we need protecting, and positive uses for our compulsions when they arise.

    Can you give an example?

    I used to be in high-level sales. Not because I liked the money, but because I liked affecting people and was competitive/goal-oriented. These traits were negatively affecting my personal life in ways I needed to change. They stemmed from a childhood where I was made to feel unimportant. Through cultivating self-awareness, I now I mentor people to live to their fullest capacity. Empowering people is way harder than selling them things, so my competitive/goal-oriented nature is even more satisfied than it was before. It also satisfies my desire to have an effect on people - but in a positive way. This ends up making me an important part of peoples’ lives (satisfying the root) more than I could ever have been as a salesperson. The trick was finding a way to do all this that turned my personality traits and compulsions into a deeply satisfying positive force for those around me.

    Who are you/what makes you good at guiding this process for others?

    My skill for this came from different careers in different phases of my life. I paid my way through college doing sales for Cutco Cutlery. To be good in sales you have to know how to read people. I was good enough that they quickly made me a manager. To be good as a manager, you have to know how to empower people. I was good enough that they made me the advisor for all the managers in the northeast. I eventually left Cutco to find a way to combine my skills with my shiny new degree in finance. I went into investment analysis and eventually became a stockbroker/trained stockbrokers. To be good in finance, you have to be able to understand which market conditions will allow a company to grow and thrive (The practice of Constant Yogi is all about understanding the conditions that allow us as individuals to grow and thrive - more on that later). The market collapsing in 2008 made me realize that even though I was giving good advice to my clients, I was part of an industry that was inherently feeding off the least fortunate among us. This realization coincided with the realization that the competitive/goal-oriented culture of finance was encouraging deep personality traits of mine to manifest in negative ways. So, I walked out, not knowing what I would do. I became a professional poker player/dealer in the underground clubs in NYC. Of course, in poker, you REALLY need to be able to read people. But the trick is not only reading them but understanding the difference between their conscious body language and their unconscious body language (Want to know what your “tells” are? That's what I'll help with in the practice). After a few years of deepening my yoga practice, I became a teacher. With just a little bit of study it’s easy to see that yoga has very little to do with the physical practice and everything to do with self-awareness. Once I learned the methodology and map of the self that yoga provides, all my previous skills clicked into place within their deepest purpose… in service of helping others become fully human.

    So you're, like, a coach?

    No. You can go to a coach and say things like, "I want to make more money." Or, "I want xyz to happen in my romantic life." While being a Constant Yogi oftentimes will help with specific results, it will also give you a window into why you wanted those things in the first place. With this awareness, often the things we think we want dissipate and deeper desires bubble to the surface. Constant Yogi is not designed to make the our surface-level life easier, but to reveal our deepest self.

    What does the Constant Yogi personal mentorship look like?

    We sit down on day one and you begin to talk about where you think there’s room to improve your experience of life. While you are speaking, your body will be giving away unconscious cues. This is where Justin will stop you and translate your body language and begin to ask questions. Together, we figure out where those unconscious cues are telling us and what habits/patterns and traits they’re tied to (see: “How does the practice work?” above). Then we figure out how you might redirect those patterns into their most pleasurable or beneficial versions. Then you practice. Then you come back on week two and we repeat the process with a whole week’s worth of new, deeper, more conscious information. Then we readjust. Repeat. At this point it’s important to emphasize that Justin does not and will not have any “answers” or “fixes.” Justin’s skill involves getting to the psyche’s own “answers” and “fixes.” Around week 5 or 6, the process becomes the most challenging. By then, you will be very aware of your unconscious habits/patterns in real time and aware of where in your past they’re rooted. However, since your neurological wiring has been set in place for (most likely) decades and you’ve only been practicing for a few weeks, in most cases you will often still react using your old patterning. This is usually frustrating. But that’s the good kind of frustration. Around week 8 or 9 things get way easier. By then that awareness will translate into experiences of feeling free to choose either old patterns or new ones. That freedom is where becoming fully human begins.

    How does group Constant Yogi work?

    Over the years, I’ve noticed deep similarities between people practicing this way. We all want love and connection. We all are simultaneously afraid of the vulnerability that takes. We all use some form of control (isolation, addiction, aggression, etc.) to unconsciously put walls up. Most of us feel our condition is unique. While it manifests in unique ways, many of the underlying conditions very common – as are many of the techniques that can help. Meditation is one. Journaling is another. Almost no one starts a meditation or journaling practice and immediately sticks with it long term. Talking it out with those who have had similar experiences can really help. The Constant Yogi Group is here to provide support and tools as you navigate your path. Come join us!

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