• 100 Hour Energy and Subtle Body Training

    Beginning September 2018

    Basically, I want to give you super powers.

    In this 6-person-max deep intensive training, you will learn what is (and is not) happening physiologically when we experience subtle energy. You will learn Thai Massage, Reiki, how to read someone's unconscious thoughts, how to read someone's emotional history, and much more. The goal of the training isn't to learn particular methodologies (although we will) but to use different methodologies to learn the underlying language of energy.

    We will be meeting once a week for 5 hours. You will also separately meet with a fellow trainee once a week for 2 hours.  There will be (very light) homework occasionally. Total cost $1500 by August 1, $1750 after.

    **If you sign up by August 1, you get a say in which day of the week the training will be held**


    Week 1

    • The Science of Energy
    • Thai Massage Part 1

    Week 2

    • Understanding Physical Energy
    • Thai Massage Part 2

    Week 3

    • Understanding Mental Energy
    • Thai Massage Part 3

    Week 4

    • Understanding Emotional Energy
    • Thai Massage Part 4

    Week 5

    • Creating our Own Energetic Map
    • Thai Massage Part 5

    Week 6

    • Creating an Energetic Map for Others
    • Prescriptive Practices Part 1

    Week 7

    • Understanding Spiritual Energy - Archetypes


    • Reiki 1 Part 1

    Week 9

    • Review

    Week 10

    • Reiki 1 Part 2

    Week 11

    • Reading Energetic Body Language

    Week 12

    • Reading Energetic Body Language Cont.
    • Perscriptive Practices Part 2

    Week 13

    • Creating a Highly Empathetic Society

    Week 14

    • Final Review and Graduation!


    Training will be held from the first week of September through the second week in December, 2018. Day of week TBD based on early applicants' preferences (see final application question)

    $300 deposit required upon acceptance - balance due once day of week is finalized (plans avail.)